Have you ever wondered why some kids get more opportunities than others?

Or how a very select few seem to be destined for success right from the get-go?

You’re not alone.

In fact, most parents of budding child actors and models have felt the same way you do at the beginning of their child’s career.

Yes, even the super successful ones!

So what is it that puts some kids on the road to success while others are left waiting for their chance in the limelight?

One word — training.

That’s right, even the simplest act of learning how to pose correctly or deliver a line with feeling can improve a child’s chances in the industry overnight.

And that’s why we founded Bubblegum Academy.

What is Bubblegum Academy?

As you may have guessed, Bubblegum Academy is a digital learning platform for young actors and models that want to make a splash in the entertainment industry.

Through a combination of live seminars and pre recorded classes we help your child take the next step in their fledgling career.

From self tape tutorials to acting with emotion seminars, we’ve covered all the bases.

In other words, it’s everything your child needs to succeed.

Despite what many people think, being a successful child actor or model isn’t just about having that cuter than cute smile.

And it certainly isn’t about ‘who you know’.

Nope, being a success in the industry is all about a child’s skills and willingness to learn.
You see both acting and modelling are the kind of jobs where you never stop learning.

And this is especially true for young supermodels and Oscar winners in-the-making.

Sure, that cute smile or those bright eyes might get your child noticed.

But once they’re on set, it’s all about their skills.

And that’s where we can help.

Why Bubblegum Academy works?

Even though your homework checking experience may suggest otherwise, kids actually love to learn.

In our four decades in the industry, we’ve learned that all kids have a hunger for knowledge that is almost impossible to satisfy.

They adore learning how to do things in new and fun ways and are always eager to improve their skills.

And that’s what makes Bubblegum Academy work so very well.

We use a child’s natural curiosity to focus their attention on the skills that will help them succeed.

And yes, having fun is a huge part of the process!

Michael has absolutely loved the online classes he’s attended. The content has been perfect for his age and interests whilst still giving him enough opportunity to be challenged. We can already see an improvement in Michael’s understanding of his craft and a genuine desire to want to learn more.


Michael K
Ashleigh Darmenia​

It was so much fun, I really enjoyed how interactive the class was. The exercises and scene plays we did helped with understanding how to add-lib and respond to co-actors. It’s fun and you learn heaps.


Meadow Stig
Meadow Stig

Ethan loved the small class group, it was very interactive and he was listened to but was given great feedback to work in for upcoming auditions.


Leah Muntz
Leah Muntz, Ethan’s mum

What a Bubblegum Academy membership can do for your child

Level the playing field

Your child will have the skills to compete with the best of the best and improve their chances in auditions.

Better skills for better opportunities

Better skills mean better opportunities as casting directors and photographers are often drawn to kids with formal training.

...and that's just for starters...

Gain insider knowledge

Our tutors will give you the inside track on how to succeed in an extremely competitive industry.

Unlock your child's potential today


Every child has the potential for greatness — it’s an undeniable fact of life.

But not every child has the opportunity to unlock that potential and see just how far they can go with it.

Our job is to help you and your child do just that by giving them the skills they need to not only unlock their potential but fulfil it too.

So if your child is ready to take the next step in their fledgling career…

And you want them to have the best chance at success…

Then Bubblegum Academy is the key to unlock that potential.


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