Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Bubblegum Academy

A digital academy is an online platform where lessons are available in either pre recorded or live format.

All live classes are held in a virtual classroom on Zoom. This allows children and teachers to connect and communicate remotely through a device of their choice using a stable internet connection.

Ideally, your child will have a laptop or tablet with a large enough screen that they can see the teacher clearly. A pen and a notebook will also come in handy if they need to make some notes.

Our pre recorded lessons and tutorials can be accessed through the membership dashboard so no software is required. For live classes you will need to install Zoom.

If you’re using a desktop computer or laptop you will need to download the app from

Android and iOS mobile device users can download the Zoom app from Google Play and the App Store.

You will need to register using an email address before you can use the software.

Yes, it is. The reason we chose to host our live classes on Zoom is because of the strict privacy controls in place. This means that we are in complete control of who can enter any virtual classroom and make sure that only registered students and their teachers are in attendance.

We have enlisted the help of actors, teachers, and industry experts who are based both here in Australia and in LA. Each has extensive experience in the industry and plenty of insider knowledge and tips that they are more than happy to share with your child.

While we have no set schedule for live classes you can rest assured that all live sessions and workshops will take place at convenient times for both children and their parents. There will be no classes during school hours or late in the evening.

We accept children aged from 5 to 17.

It’s just $99 per month for complete and unlimited access to all of our pre recorded classes and live workshops and seminars.

Not at all. Bubblegum Academy is an inclusive talent development platform that welcomes both experienced child actors and those who are completely new to the industry.

No, there is no strict class schedule or term. The beauty of Bubblegum Academy is that it allows your child to join at any time and learn at their own pace.

All of our live seminars and workshops are recorded and available to view through your membership dashboard so your child will never miss a thing.

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